Phil and teds blue graffiti

Phil and teds blue graffiti | GRAFFITI GRAPHIC DESIGN

Phil and teds blue graffiti
Phil and teds blue graffiti >> The Phil & Ted's Sport Stroller Buggy is now available in a new Graffiti pattern. This new set includes the doubles kit and brings a new flair to the Phil & Ted's line of strollers. This Phil and teds blue graffiti pattern has been designed so that no two strollers are the same. Each design is unique and you can now stand out in the crowd by Phil and teds blue graffiti.

phil and teds blue graffiti Stages:
* Stage 1: Doubles Kit Seat Maximum Weight Capacity: 33 lbs.
* Stage 2: Upright and recline for a toddler.
* Stage 3: Add a doubles kit for the toddler, and use the perfectly flat position for your newborn.
* Stage 4: Use the doubles kit on the rear to make room for two toddlers.
* Front Seat Maximum Weight Capacity: 55 lbs.
* Stage 5: A perfectly flat newborn position.

Phil and teds blue graffiti Features include :
• Pouch in canopy for cell phone, etc.
• Adjustable crotch restraints on both seats.
• Smooth ride swivel or fixed front wheel.
• Solid steel axles.
• Two pockets sewn into lower parcel tray.
• Redesigned, sleeker looking canopy.
• "Peek-a-boo" window in the canopy.
• Ergonomic, adjustable handle.
• Locking straps to hold stroller closed.
• New easy on & off grab bar.
• Lightweight frame weighing only 24 lbs.
• One touch quick release wheels.
• Inflatable tires.
• Tough, washable, & waterproof fabrics.
• Single action, dual-rear brake.

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