Mural Banksy Graffiti Street Wall From London

banksy graffiti,banksybanksy graffiti,banksybanksy graffiti,banksy 
Graffiti is an art that has been widely known in the world. In the UK (London) there is an artist famous for graffiti art are filled with the nuances of humor. Graffiti artist named Banksy. Most topics of graffiti that he has made contact with the world of politics, culture and ethics. His street art is made with a Distinctive stenciling technique and graffiti writing. Works made is an expression of his heart, rather is an allusion to another person or group. You could say that made graffiti on a wall street is an article from his thoughts and emotions.
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Graffiti Art in Wall Street by Corze

Graffiti Art Graffiti Art

Drawing Sketches Graffiti Letters "Michael Jackson"

Graffiti Letters,Graffiti Michael Jackson 
Michael Jackson is a legendary singer, he is the king of pop. Many people who loved him and admired him so many fans who want to make a graffiti letters by using his name. That would be a good idea, but they are confused in choosing the appropriate form or style. Here are some examples of designs that might be an inspiration to you. You do not need to think about the beauty of graffiti you, just make your best design. Because it is a precious gift from a fan.
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New Graffiti-Globe graffiti

graffiti 3d, globe graffiti

New graffiti Graffiti 3d-alphabet 3d graffiti

graffiti, graffiti 3d


wall abstract, wall mural, abstract murals, graffiti mural

New Graffiti-Graffiti street -Tamsis graffiti street

graffiti, graffiti street

Graffiti paving 3d -Dragon art graffiti

graffiti dragon, graffiti 3d, graffiti paving

Graffiti street -UNY graffiti street

graffiti, uny graffiti, street graffiti 

Graffiti Fire

"Fire Tagging" is a new form of graffiti where NYC artists scrawl their signature in lighter fluid, then set it aflame in controlled, approved environments.
Caution: Have lots of water on standby please.

Abstract Graffiti in Expressionism Style

I found this graffiti in the Barracas neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It's very close to the Parque Lezama in San Telmo. I'm not sure what the street artist was going to express here, but the style of the graffiti feels like an experimental approach of crossing styles such as Cubism and Comic.
Do you like abstract art?

Big Fat Blob Graffiti

This graffiti reminds me so much of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars. You know the 600-year-old big fat slug that sits around and eats crazy looking lobsters for snacks. I assume there is a link between the painter and George Luckas' Star Wars trilogy. Thus I guess the artist is probably male, in his 30s and a science fiction fan.
This begs the question, do you also believe that this is a funny Jabba the Hutt takeoff or is it just a wonderfully weird image?

H is for Happy Graffiti Scene

Street art is all around in Buenos Aires. The scene is very vibrant and has some very gifted artists. Although not everyone is happy with graffiti in public places, the majority here seems to be easy-going when it comes to urban street art. Even the police have a laissez-faire position towards graffiti as long as it is not offensive, rude or contains any kind of slurs. Some even say you can paint the wall of a police station without getting into real trouble. Probably that's why private property is usually respected in Buenos Aires. Moreover, the creative output is mostly on a high level of quality and expression. The cheerful wall painting in the picture is to be found in San Telmo and was done by an artist called LOUIS aka GROLOU.

Bridge Pier Graffiti

Sometimes graffiti look good sometimes they don't. Sometimes graffiti convey social or political messages, sometimes not. I'm not sure what category this graffito falls under. I guess it's the fun category. And yes, graffito is the singular form of graffiti. The name El Rechifle (the Boo) is probably not connected to the graffito but refers to an identically named Murga group in Palermo. Murga is a carnival hilarity which is very popular in Argentina. The artist can probably be identified by the capital A in the circle on the right. I don't have a clue who (s)he is, though.
What do you see in this graffito?

El Odio Graffiti

Hatred is the most powerful negative emotion. It is destructive and sickening. Whatever you're going to do to satisfy this feeling will even create more hate. In the end it will eat you up, it destroys you from the inside-out. I know many people really hate graffiti, either way I'm looking forward to reading your comments. (:
The person that is responsible for this graffito named himself "El Odio" (lit. The Hatred). Dunno, who he is and why he chose this name. My guess is it is a reference to graffiti's bad reputation

Stencil Pieces and Graffiti

A main characteristic of street art is the "temporary" aspect which is naturally associated with this art form. With each new tour through the city you will discover new graffiti and stencil pieces. Wherever you come across street art today it may be painted over or sandblasted away tomorrow. This transitory nature makes street art so interesting. By the time you're done with this post, new stencils and graffiti will surely be added on some walls somewhere in Buenos Aires.

New graffiti alphabet murals

new graffiti alphabet murals

Graffiti Production in LA Arts District

this graffiti production in Los Angeles' Arts District in the fall of 2008. Six months later and it still shining. There is only one jealous person's tag on Saber's piece

Big Bad Los Angeles - Arts District Graffiti Mural

You know the saying, go big or go home. Well, this mural lives up to that saying. It is large! In Los Angeles, we have huge pride in our city. This mural depicts the love for LA.
Los Angeles Arts District - Graffiti Mural
Los Angeles Arts District - Graffiti Mural

Los Angeles Arts District - Graffiti Mural

New Graffiti Laws in Australia (Pffftt!)

I bring some rather urgent and disturbing news today, that will not just affect Australians, but rather the world. Australia [or rather, Melbourne] boast some of the best street artists around, but it seems that there’s new laws to ban Street Art altogether.
They don’t realize this, but they if these laws come to pass, it will minus one of their tourists attractions. More and more street artists and fans are heading down under to view and engage these works of art, and according to a friend who is studying in Australia, street art has become a widely discussed topic in class rooms. They don’t realize that street art has evolved into a source of inspiration and lots of talent have emerged from our generation and there will be even more from the generations to come. While I feel that spraying one’s name on the wall over and over again is somewhat ridiculous, stencil art, wheat pasting, doodles, freehand paintings and yes, some graffiti itself on it’s own is beautiful and has spawned so many original ideas and concepts.
It is sad that it is not recognized as works of art but rather vandalism. If street art is vandalism, then all the advertising billboards and it’s owners should be arrested as well, because they shove misinformation and propaganda into our faces all the time.
To my Australian street artist buddies out there, I just want to say keep it alive, stay strong, and keep doing what you gotta do. Be safe.

Los Angeles Arts District Graffiti

Los Angeles Arts District Graffiti

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