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"Graffiti Instincts featuresh a awesome line-up of creative person such as Dare, Mist, Scien & Klor, Ogre, Reso1, Jazi, Yoda, Los Extralargos and more. These DVD graffiti will display you the development by eighteen pieces of music and outputs by the very beginning to the close. Really good to see advance house painting techniques also! The extras feature article 10 a lot of videos on the basic principle of graffiti (caps, techniques, characters) and so you can check a good deal with these DVD Graffiti, or you are able to simply take it easy and enjoy the show with the best authors from French Republic and other European nation such as Germany, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. All forms of graffiti writing are shown by the select authors, tags, throw ups, wildstyles graffiti, 3-D graffiti, characters and design graffiti."
you need to looking more graffiti alphabet murals?or just comment my blog..thanks dude :)

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