New Graffiti Laws in Australia (Pffftt!)

I bring some rather urgent and disturbing news today, that will not just affect Australians, but rather the world. Australia [or rather, Melbourne] boast some of the best street artists around, but it seems that there’s new laws to ban Street Art altogether.
They don’t realize this, but they if these laws come to pass, it will minus one of their tourists attractions. More and more street artists and fans are heading down under to view and engage these works of art, and according to a friend who is studying in Australia, street art has become a widely discussed topic in class rooms. They don’t realize that street art has evolved into a source of inspiration and lots of talent have emerged from our generation and there will be even more from the generations to come. While I feel that spraying one’s name on the wall over and over again is somewhat ridiculous, stencil art, wheat pasting, doodles, freehand paintings and yes, some graffiti itself on it’s own is beautiful and has spawned so many original ideas and concepts.
It is sad that it is not recognized as works of art but rather vandalism. If street art is vandalism, then all the advertising billboards and it’s owners should be arrested as well, because they shove misinformation and propaganda into our faces all the time.
To my Australian street artist buddies out there, I just want to say keep it alive, stay strong, and keep doing what you gotta do. Be safe.

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